Axis Technologies
The Axis technologies are our unique answer to merge Dave Weagle’s innovative Split Pivot technology and suspension engineering with Devinci’s legendary bike frame design and craftsmanship.

Axis Technologies

The Axis technologies are our unique answer to merge Dave Weagle’s innovative Split Pivot technology and suspension engineering with Devinci’s legendary bike frame design and craftsmanship. While the Split Pivot is what gives our rear suspensions their superior performance, the Axis technologies are all the little tweaks and details we put into our frame design to make our bikes even better. Every part of the frame has been carefully considered to push the Split Pivot technology to its peak performance level, resulting in the ultimate ride. These bikes are ready for your reality.

The Axis technologies are:

Perfect balance
The mass distribution of the suspension parts and frame tubing has been carefully studied to provide a perfect balance around the combined centre of Optimum Gof the rider and his bike. Working hand-in-hand with the FRG technology, this absolute balance brings incomparable handling around the bike’s main rotation axes. It is then easier to move the bike around while going airborne or riding in the tight stuff. In short, a less effort consuming ride and a more predictable bike that makes you go faster.

Minimal unsprung mass
Another key highlight acting with the Split Pivot technology to give our bikes their unique sensitive suspension feeling is the minimal unsprung mass of the suspension’s components. When the rear wheel impacts square-edged bumps at high velocity, the suspension’s response time is lightning fast because there is very little unsprung mass being put into motion. This means that the suspension reacts faster because there is no ‘’dead-weight’’ needing to be carried around when the rear wheel moves up or down. Our small Axis Intelligent links, clever damper positioning, lightweight alloy pivot shafts and very low rolling resistance ball bearings have all been engineered with that concern in mind. Your ride will be smoother and more stable on rough trails, allowing you to go faster with less effort. Less unsprung mass = more traction at all times.

Rock-solid pedaling performance
Since it is as important to have efficient pedaling as it is to have a plush suspension, we also engineered the Axis technologies with lateral stiffness in mind. The extra-wide main suspension pivots and thru-axle rear wheel pivots, added to our own Optimum G4 tubing provide unparalleled lateral stiffness. This means that those hard earned pedal strokes won’t get wasted in frame flexing and all the energy will be directly transferred to propelling you forward. Coupled with the revolutionary patented Split Pivot technology, this characteristic of the Axis technologies makes for unrivalled sprinting and climbing performance that will make you a better rider and leave you amazed.

High precision CNC machining after welding
Another top notch Axis technology is our state-of-the-art, high precision Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machining of all the frame’s pivot points and bearing housings after welding and heat treatment. Unlike most manufacturers who machine the pivot housing parts before welding them to the frame and hope for the best regarding deformation after the whole manufacturing process, we have developed a method that allows us to do the final machining on the completely welded and heat treated frame. This makes for ultra-precise pivot point location for optimal suspension performance and perfect alignment of the rear and front triangle. This also reduces the unwanted axial loads caused by poorly aligned pivots that can significantly reduce the suspension bearings and damper lifespan.

Minimum pit-stop time
Because we know you would rather spend your time riding than wrenching your bicycle’s suspension, the Axis technologies have also been designed to minimize the ‘’pit-stop’’ time. This is achieved in three different ways:

  • the rear shock absorber adjustment knobs have been strategically placed for easy, on the fly access, for those last minute settings just before hitting the trails;
  • we use high tolerance, MAX type ball bearings, fully filled with waterproof grease and sealed on both sides. This type of bearing contains twice the number of steel balls in conventional bearings and can withstand 40% more impact loads, resulting in longer bearing life;
  • we reduced the suspension’s number of parts to a strict minimum, compared to our previous models and to other manufacturers in general. This gives a suspension system that is easier and quicker to maintain, should the need ever arise.

Internal cable routing
As if all of the above benefits were not enough, we also decided to use an internal cable routing through the rear triangle. This minimizes the rear derailleur cable outer casing movement when the suspension is stroked and provides better shifting, virtually eliminating ‘’ghost shifting’’ and reducing wear. It also makes the bikes look better.

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