nothing gets by us
It's a veritable obsession: to offer you the best bike possible.

Nothing gets by us

Devincintelligence represents years of experience in making products of exceptional quality. It's a formal commitment in producing bikes that are lighter but also more reliable and rigid. It means using virtual testing, test bench and road tests to meet the highest standards. It's all the knowledge of our skilled engineers and all the creativity of our visionary engineers.

It's a veritable obsession: to offer you the best bike possible.
Devincintelligence: it's in our dna!

Our design process
The creation of a new devinci product starts by brainstorming, bringing together our massive repertoire of technical knowledge, innovative spirit and a clear philosophy. Next, we move to the design stage where the synergies of our designers’ creativity and the science of our engineers combine. We then proceed to building prototypes that will be submitted to the most rigorous tests both outdoors and in the lab. Finally, our engineers perfect and optimize their work. Only after having successfully completed all of these steps is the new product ready to bear the brand name devinci and be delivered to you.

Data collection, analysis and performances
Our instrumented bikes allow us to collect extremely precise data on the real constraints that the bike and its components face. Thanks to this invaluable tool, we’ve developed a unique expertise in the industry; it allows us to create the best designed products on the market.

Our engineers use state-of-the-art modeling and analysis software in order to not only submit our new bikes to virtual tests, but also to study data collected outdoors and on the test bench. This crucial step helps them realize the full potential of their ideas and knowledge in order to create the best possible bikes. Such scientific rigor is essential in designing quality products.

During our road tests, riders inflict unimaginable abuse upon our bikes. And if that wasn’t enough, our products must survive the terrifying test bench to allow us to quantify their durability, solidity and rigidity. Any bike that fails these tests does not deserve to wear the brand name Devinci.

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