Ride in peace
Since 2007, all the frames bike model, including all mountain, freeride, downhill frames and dirt jump are guaranteed for life.

Ride in peace

Warranty period from devinci cycles inc.
The frames of cycles devinci inc. are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects, for the periods specified below, as of the date of the initial purchase. During these specific periods, devinci will replace or repair without charge, and at its discretion, the devinci frames that display a manufacturing defect. The parts replaced or repaired in accordance with this warranty, will be covered for a period equal to the remaining portion of the warranty of the original equipment.

Bicycle frames and warranty period
Since 2007, all the frames bike model, including all mountain, freeride, downhill frames and dirt jump are guaranteed for life. Paint and decals for all models of frame: 1 year the pivots* for double suspension frames: 1 year the components assembled on devinci frames are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers. Please contact your authorized devinci retailer. For more information regarding the applicable warranties.

* the pivots include the bearings, bolts and axles holding together the elements of the suspension of the rear triangle.

Warranty exclusions
Each devinci bicycle was conceived for a specific use. The operational life of a bicycle varies according to its construction, maintenance and the care provided. Intensive use or use with a heavy load, use during competitions or for activities other than those for which the bicycle was conceived, greatly diminish its operational life. Any of these conditions may lead to random failure. Abusive use will therefore cancel the warranty.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Regular maintenance (cleaning, lubrification or inspection);
  • TranOptimum S or shipping charges incurred as a result of the execution of the warranty;
  • Cost of labour related to the assembly, disassembly, repair or replacement parts;
  • Damages caused by normal wear and tear including damages caused by material fatigue.

The warranty does not apply if:

  • The damages were caused by a fortuitous event;
  • The bicycle was purchased from a retailer other than those authorized by devinci;
  • The bicycle was not entirely assembled by an authorized devinci retailer;
  • The bicycle was repaired by a person other than an authorized devinci retailer;
  • You are not the original owner of the bicycle;
  • The instructions contained in the user’s manual for all frames and the technical manual for frames with double suspension were not respected;
  • The periodic inspection recommended in the user’s manual for all frames and in the technical manual for the frames with double suspension was not carried out;
  • Parts not supplied by devinci with the bicycle or not indicated in the user’s manual for all frames or the technical manual for the frames with double suspension were used;
  • The bicycle was used for an activity other than those for which it was conceived;
  • The bicycle and/or its components were subject to abusive use, negligence, abnormal and/or excessive use or was implicated in an accident;
  • The frame is too small for you;
  • You used an other seat than the one sold with your bike;
  • The frame and/or its components were modified (ex: polishing, structural or mechanical modification or addition, stripping, sanding, strain hardening, shot peening);
  • You continued to use your bicycle while it was damaged.

Exchange policy in case of accident
Devinci is aware that the purchase of a high performance bicycle is done with the heart. This is why our customer service applies an exchange policy at a low price to accommodate claims that would have been refused for one of the reasons mentioned in the section “warranty exclusions”. This policy applies only to the initial buyer. Please contact your devinci retailer for more information.

Limitation of liability: this is an integral warranty, complete and final, for devinci frames. Devinci does not give authorization to any other person, including the authorized devinci retailers, to assume or grant, expressly or implicitly, any or all addition(s) or extension(s) to the warranty specified herein. Any other obligation or responsibility expressed by any other person(s) and any demonstration or illustration of devinci frames is in no way linked to devinci and is furthermore excluded from this warranty.

Devinci assumes no liability in case of any property damage, moral or bodily injury to the user, the buyer or any other person(s), resulting from the use of a devinci frame or one of its components.

Except as limited or expressly forbidden by law, regarding any other condition or guarantee, express or implied, based in law, established commercial customs and usage, including, but not limited to, guarantee of merchantability or adaptation to a specific end, devinci declines any responsibility for any amount exceeding the actual purchase price of the bicycle nor for any particular, accessory or consecutive damages that may occur in connection with said bicycle.

With regard to the exercising of rights resulting from the present warranty, the buyer of a devinci frame agrees to elect domicile in the judicial district of chicoutimi, in the province of quebec, canada, as an appropriate place for the hearing of all claims or legal proceedings.

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