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Modest Beginnings
The Devinci Company was founded in 1987 under the vision of a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer. Beginnings were quite modest: the aluminum bike frames were hand-crafted in small quantities. In 1990, Félix Gauthier envisioned the potential of this small company and decided to buy it in order to develop it to full capacity. For two years, Félix Gauthier worked at establishing an industrial manufacturing process that would lead to larger-scale bicycle manufacturing. During this period, many tools and equipment specific to the manufacturing of aluminum frames were developed at Devinci. 1993 marked the beginning of the Félix Gauthier commercial era at Devinci. Devinci bikes, virtually unknown at the time, became available in a few specialized shops throughout Quebec.

In 1994, Félix Gauthier founded the Research and Development Division. The Goal was to build up a team squad composed of technical bike enthusiast. This led to several innovative ideas, among others the Optimum frames, the Ollie Freeride bikes, the Cx and instrumented bikes. The R&D Division uses cutting edge design methods similar to those of the automotive and aeronautical industry. The R&D Division is now comprised of five talented engineers and technicians.

In full growth
In 2001 Devinci moved to a larger, more modern plant to meet the ever-growing demand for their bikes. Devinci now has a Canada-wide distribution network. The reputation of Devinci bikes was spread by word of mouth, by cyclists who were satisfied and proud to own a Canadian-made bike. Despite its small size, Devinci is now considered a major player in the bike manufacturing industry. Devinci continues to grow, and nothing seems to be able to curb its expansion!

Highlights of our history
1987 Foundation of the company, craftsmanship
1990 Félix Gauthier becomes President
1991 Industrialization of the manufacturing process
1993 Creation of a Quebec distribution network
1994 Set up the R&D division
1995 Kamikaze double-suspension bike
1997 Banzaï double-suspension bike
1998 Ford Devinci mountain-biking competition team
2001 Move to a larger, more modern plant
2002 Design of Optimum frames
2002 Double-suspension bike with needle bearings
2003 Unveiling of the instrumented mountain bike
2004 The Ollie model wins the 26 Magazine “Freeride Bike of the Year” Award
2004 Increasing demand. Accelerated growth of the company
2004 Expansion of the plant. Warehouse capacity doubles
2005 Cx road bike with carbon monocoque frame tested by EFBe and cited by VéloMag
2005 Opening of the testing laboratory
2005 Unveiling of the instrumented road bike
2006 Cyclocross is introduced as a new product
2007 Our mountain bike collection is completely transformed: a new MoonRacer, Desperado, Remix, Hectik,
         Frantik and District.
2007 Launching of the Leo: a new high modulus carbon road frame
2008 Triathlon is added to our bike collection with the Leo TT
2008 Development of a new downhill machine. The Wilson has arrived!
2009 Unveiling in Montreal of the Bixi which is manufactured by Devinci
2009 Creation of a new downhill team on the World Cup circuit
2009 Performance hybrid bikes now feature carbon frames
2009 New generation of the entirely redesigned Leo frames has arrived
2011 The adventure continues...
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